Outfit: Good Vibes

I've been itching for another hair change.
I know I just went blue a few months ago, then blonde after that and have barely gotten back to red hair, but yep, thinking about another change. This time I'm leaning towards a chop. It would be good to get rid of some of my hair since the ends are pretty damaged, but I also remember how long it took to grow out! I don't think I'd ever go back to a pixie cut, but a bob (or perhaps slightly longer "lob") is quite appealing. I always think of summer as the "season of the braid" so I'd like to hold off on the chop until autumn, but we'll see how strong my willpower is!



  1. This is so adorable, I love your skirt and bag!

  2. Ah, I love this outfit! The perfect mix of cute and casual. I like your backdrop too - I have tennis courts in my neighborhood and I would have never though to take pictures over there. Good thinkin'!


  3. Rebecca, you would be so cute with a little bob !

  4. If you cut your hair, you could also try hair extensions for the days when you want a braid :)I heard the luxy hair hair extensions were good (but I haven't tried it)

  5. I absolutely love your red hair (I am a fellow redhead so I am a bit biased ;) ) You do a fantastic job pulling of a skirt with a t-shirt! I can never get my shirts to look good with my skirts! Any tips?

  6. When I saw that canoe picture a few posts ago (new to the blog since you started posting on "A Beautiful Mess"), my first thought was that your hair in it was SO cute. Was that a lob? Based on how long your hair is now, you could call a cut like that a lop (haha)

  7. @cbea, I'm not the best at a t-shirt and skirt combo either so I'm not sure I have the best tips, but right now shirts with large/bold lettering are having a moment so those will look more "current" with skirts than tees with pictures or logos on them. I also think high waist skirts and tucking the tee in ties things together more; a skirt is slightly dressier so tucked in fits the dressier vibe. Also some skirts and tees just work together and others don't; I personally don't think I can work a tulle skirt and a basic tee, although I have seen others make that look awesome!


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