Outfit: Pink Ruffles

I always seem to get my best writing ideas at 2am.
I'm either still up at two, feeling very inspired, or I'm lying in bed and getting that epiphany moment. Lately it's more of the latter which usually means hastily scribbled notes in the dark I try to discern with little luck in the morning. The next day I often wonder if I missed out on a great idea or if it only seemed great to my sleep-addled brain. I had one of those ideas for this post, but the idea has disappeared back into the ether and I'm sitting here watching the minutes tick by wondering what to write. I suppose I'll just focus on the facts of the pictures; a grey but warm summer day that threatened to storm as I took these photos and then did indeed storm as I walked home which always means the awkward gait of someone trying to protect their camera from the rain with their clothes and body. But before that downpour it was a nice afternoon and I climbed this idyllic tree in the most graceless method. I always scope out more isolated spots for my pictures because aside from how silly you look posing for a tripod I usually compound the potential embarrassment by trying to climb a tree in a dress or some other foolishness which has an awkward process but can lead to a pretty picture...
I have a craving for more bold, statement jewelry (maybe some huge bangles?) at the moment, but inevitably I find myself wearing more dainty details. A simple vintage brooch adds a sweet and sophisticated touch to any dress and finishing off my braids with a little velvet bow always me feel more feminine and polished.

*all pictures by me*



  1. Beautiful pics! The color of the dress compliments your skin and hair perfectly. The one in the tree is my fave! 😉


  2. Lovely writing! I know that sound like a comment on a high school essay, but your writing really is refreshingly lovely :) The dress is gorgeous; and what a pity that the brooch is separate ... it almost makes the dress.

  3. Wow, these pictures are stunning! And I love the pink dress!

  4. What a cute dress, I love it with the vintage pin

  5. Oh this dress is so fun, frilly, and elegant. The color is definitely fabulous and looks terrific on you:)

  6. These pictures are so pretty; especially the photo of you lying in the tree. The lengths we go to to get good pictures! I am usually glad that my sister often takes pictures for me, so then it doesn't look so silly as me taking them myself. Although the other day, we were taking some pictures on the edge of a farmer's field, when he drove by in his tractor- I was wondering what he was thinking of us!The Artyologist

  7. Your pictures are stunning! And I have that same issue of getting a brilliant idea after I am finally almost asleep, or when I'm driving...I've started just telling my phone to take a note for me. How do you photo yourself, with the timer or a remote or?? My remote only works if it can see the camera so it is very difficult to use!

  8. such a cute outfit! I always try to find somewhere isolated too but since I've moved to a big city its become harder. Everyone who walks past give such funny looks when I'm posing for a photo!


  9. I'm in love with that beautiful pink dress. It looks like it has a two tier ruffle. Is that so?
    I loved to climb trees, and sit for ages reading a favorite book.

  10. These photos are GORGEOUS... and I totally get what you mean about the whole writing thing. The middle of the night seems to be when my brain is the most creative but my body is always far too tired to get anything done... c'est la vie, I guess.


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