Autumn Moodboard & Wishlist

It's always interesting when you put together an inspiration folder or "think book" (or the modern equvialent of both: a Pinterest board), without a direct theme other than "things that inspire me right now" and see what themes accidentally emerge. I started saving these pictures at random to various corners of my computer and the web a few months ago, but when you put them all together they look so cohesive, as if I had planned for them to match. I was clearly ready for my autumn wardrobe long before autumn arrived, so it's no surprise my moodboard is filled with rich earth tones, cozy knits, and more than a few autumn leaves. Trendwise fall seems to be filled with velvet, embroidered denim, brocades, etc, but personally I'm leaning more towards classic fairisle sweaters, Ye-Ye singers inspired beauty, and berets in every color. I'm still feeling very inspired by the past, but a lot of my favorite images show a more casual take on vintage than the stylized pictures and outfits I've focused on in the past. It's a rustic take on vintage; classic farmers working at harvest-time in tweed caps and jackets, or a '70s free spirit traveling down dusty roads on her motorcycle in a floral dress. It's vintage with the sleeves rolled up and the boots on, ready to be worn at work in the wilds...



  1. Hi
    I just subscribed so I could post! I am late to the party as only just discovered you and have been following on FB but found on Pin FYI! Love your style BTW.

    So need a plaid skirt and I have a jacket that will work but I SO NEED a fake fur stole...was 'hunting' one last season but never found the right one. I used to have a really similar cat ring when I was young! LOVE Autumn!


  2. I love this! What a great inspiration

  3. I'm super excited for fall too and this wishlist was perfect!

  4. I LOVE THIS MOOD BOARD! You have such a lovely style, Rebecca!

  5. That plaid skirt is sooo cute!! Perfect for fall!

    She Likes to Shop

  6. Love these vintage photos!

    Would you say your complexion is cool or warm? I think our taste in colours can be affected by how it goes with our hair and complexion.

  7. Love your gorgeous moodboard & wishlist! Our weather has been very autumnal since since September arrived and I've loved transitioning my wardrobe! Plus, a big yes to that Madewell cross body, it's on my wishlist too. Just gorgeous!! xo


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