Outfit: That Old Chestnut

Here it is, my favorite little navy dress making its annual autumn arrival! I've stopped counting how many years I've had this dress (nearly as many as I've been blogging), but it's still a favorite to pull out whenever the leaves start to change and tights become necessary. It's just a perfect little dress for layering and it's held up remarkably well through the years. I styled it with some other old fravorites (a cape I keep debating selling but inevitably cling to) and a couple of new ones, like my mouse purse and this sweet maple leaf necklace. It reminds me of the fall roadtrip I had a few years ago in Vermont--maples were everywhere, from the trees to the syrup to candies and flavored donuts. It reminded me of stories I had read as a child about people making maple taffy in the snow. I just loved that process how they'd get syrup from the trees, then boil it and then go back outside and pour it on the snow to make a soft candy. It sounded like a really idyllic little process; a lovely combination of sugar and nature. I'd really go back to Vermont someday (and maybe make my own maple taffy), but at least I have this little piece of nostalgia to wear for now. It definitely suits my autumn obsession and how could one possibly escape autumn obsession when the forests look as dreamy as this?


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