Outfit: Little Terror

Anyone with a petite friend knows that the size of the person is no indication of their personality or fury. We may be "tiny" but we're quite fierce; something that even Shakespeare knew back in his day. So for all my fellow petite and intense ladies I helped design this top with Locher's Paris. Featuring a sweet embroidered mouse (I told you I had a thing for mice) as our icon and the warning label "Little Terror." Because people should know that it's not always cute things that come in small packages, sometimes it's pure torment wrapped in a cute bow. We have thunder in our hearts and fire in our eyes! It's available for to order now and I highly recommend you go snag yourself one before they're gone.

                                                          Locher's Paris topModcloth jeansCambridge Satchel Co backpack, vintage boots, old mittens


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