My Fox Clothing Collection

Remember my accidental fox clothing collection that I posted about last year? As I explained last year the collection began quiet unintentionally; I just looked in my closet one day and realized I had a lot of fox-themed pieces. Lately I've become more intentional about growing it and sometimes search my favorite shops for foxy things. It's because my fox pieces have been some of my favorite pieces for several years now and always get a lot of wear in my closet. My fox hat is one of my favorites on a cold winter day and all of my sweaters get worn so much once autumn starts. I know if I get more fox pieces they'll mix well with the rest of my closet and be loved for many years to come. Next on my list is a good fox print skirt and maybe a lovely vintage fox brooch. Lately I'm even sleeping in foxes with a cute matching set from Modcloth! I don't think I'm the only one with a fox obsession since every time I wear a fox piece I get asked where it is from and since most of my pieces are several years old at this point (and some were gifts) they aren't in stores anymore. But I linked to all of my new pieces and listed similar items when possible.

*fox hat (old, similar), fox print dress (old, similar), fox socks*

*fox scarf, fox tee (old), skirtmug*


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