Outfit: All The Leaves Are Brown

I caved. I took advantage of Modcloth's Black Friday sales and bought their Whirl's Greatest skirt in navy. Which, yes, does mean I now own this skirt in three colors. And I still think they should make the skirt in even more colors next season. The navy version is a perfect match for one of my favorite coats and contrast nicely with my burnt orange/brownish tights and accessories. I really like wearing this color combination in winter; it's a nice match for all of our browned leaves and grey skies. Of course, I'm not dreaming of a warmer climate just yet. Come February and I will probably be quite tired of short days and dead leaves, but right now everything just feels perfectly in season. We've made our house especially cozy to combat the darker days and spent our evenings at home with half a dozen candles lit. Who was it that said every home becomes a palace by candlelight? 



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