Outfit: Where The Snow Stayed

For the brief years I lived in Pennsylvania I was quite the winter blogger. Snapping pictures for months unending in snow-filled landscapes and ill-conceived dresses and layers upon layers of socks and tights. The pictures looked idyllic and weren't actually too painful, painful was having to shovel my car out of pile of snow each morning and then hunting for a free parking space each evening when the snow piles in our city started to consume the streets. Now, in my current region, I see very little snow, but get as excited as child contemplating a day off school whenever the forecast threatens of flurries. We finally got a few flakes in our region last week and it was lovely to see the landscape briefly transformed into a wonderland. Rain and slightly warmer weather chased the snow's heels however so by the time we had our cameras in hand it was already starting to fade and only lingered in a few icy patches here and there nearly hidden in the tall grasses.  


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