Country Roads

We drive down a lot of narrow, twisty roads on a regular basis. It almost doesn't seem to matter where we're going, there will almost always be some sort of tiny, country road we have to go down to get there. They're winding and hilly and so narrow you think it is a one-way, until someone comes along from the other direction and one of you has to reverse to the nearest gap in the hedge or stone wall to let the other pass. I'm not complaining though--as long as no one is making me reverse (I'm terrible at it)--since these roads are also some of the most scenic. It's landscape you almost can't capture in a picture and rarely appears on a postcard, but still makes your heart sing. Rolling hills, winding walls of stone and prickly gorse...timeless and lovely; a lot like I hope my style is these days. Simple flared skirts and classic button-downs (in nature inspired prints); I'm getting closer and closer to a style uniform and it involves a lot of mustard yellow, or should I say gorse yellow.
 old jacket (more denim jackets), Modcloth blouse, vintage belt, Modcloth skirt, heels (more lace-up heels), vintage purse (similar)

 old jacket (more denim jackets), Modcloth blouse, vintage belt, Modcloth skirt, heels (more lace-up heels), vintage purse (similar)



  1. Absolutely beautiful! Your floral pin is so classic!

  2. I have to be honest, those long, winding roads sound pretty good to me...especially if they look even a little bit like the one in these pictures. Speaking of style though, timeless and lovely is definitely how I would describe this outfit.

  3. These photos are absolutely gorgeous! I hate driving down windy roads, but wouldn't mind it as much if they led me to gorgeous landscapes like this! And that's a great style uniform, if you ask me! I love the mustard skirt and those shoes are so, so cute!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  4. Such a cute outfit!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  5. So pretty, I love your yellow skirt and bag

  6. Did you have to hem this skirt at all? It looks a lot shorter than mine.

    1. Yep! I'm only 5'1" so I hemmed it quite a bit to get it more knee length

  7. AHHHHH rebecca!!! looks so lovely and envious of where you live =)

  8. The yellow skirt is so beautiful~ Love your outfit! Your photos are always very stunning.

    le lenny face


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