Greenhouse Goodness

When you can't find spring outside, take a trip to your nearest greenhouse for a flood of warmth and color. The Belfast Botanic Gardens definitely fit that bill, bursting with blooms and color--making my colorful outfit and light cardi seem more suitable than they probably are with our grey skies! But I couldn't resist styling my new Emily & Fin dress (in the most perfect print for spring and St. Patrick's Day!) simply; comfortable flats and a vintage basket purse that makes me to picnic outdoors. The brighter days are making me feel so much brighter and more optimistic, I can't really resist dressing with optimism as well (even if our sunshine yesterday was shattered by a brief hailstorm!). Optimistic dressing for me is bright clothes, but also bare legs and light sweaters when tights and coats would be more advisable, but goodness it feels so liberating to be briefly freed from winter layers! This winter definitely wore me down; although it we weren't buried in snow or anything dramatic, I've felt quite figuratively buried the last couple of months. But the days are getting longer, the sun is making a more regular appearance and the clouds swirling around in my head are also lifting.
P.S. This print comes in two different style dresses and a skirt! I couldn't resist the sailor collar on the Lulu dress, but I also love/want the skirt version...


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