Plain Sailing

I tell myself every so often that I'll stop buying novelty purses and then I see a cute novelty purse and all my resolve melts away. I mean, do you see this little lobster purse? It's adorable and irresistible, especially since I adore nautical outfits. I couldn't think of a better purse to complement my new outfit from Aspire Style; Breton stripes with sweet little pocket embroidery and a patterned skirt with sailors' knots, ships, and lighthouses. A perfect backdrop for a cute creature from the deep blue sea. (P.S. It felt like a moment from Zoolander when Thomas encouraged me to pretend to bite the lobster in a picture; like yes, I am your dancing monkey, anything for the picture...) The thing about novelty purses are that they are a novelty. Different, fun, but not necessarily the most practical (this one barely holds my phone). The pieces I will wear again and again, the classics vs the novel, would be the striped top and ship print skirt. I mean, yes, I do hope I get a lot of use out of my lobster purse, but I know this top will look great with jeans, a simpler skirt, in locations near and far from the coast. The skirt is the perfect cut (with pockets) in a sweet print that will mix with a variety tops; fisherman knits, button down blouses, off the shoulder summer tops... The lobster purse will probably not make as much sense with a less themed outfit...but I guess that's just one more reason to dress on theme!


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