Basket Case

Whew! This past week has been a whirlwind! I was back stateside briefly for my father's retirement ceremony and it was really lovely. The ceremony was special, but it was also nice to have so many members of my family gathered in one place since we tend to be a bit scattered. It was a good visit with lots of good food and quality time together. I'm really glad I was able to go, but after landing in Dublin at 5AM I think I'm going to be jet-lagged for at least a week! I never really struggle going from here to the States, but coming back usually wipes me out for at least a few days. Luckily though I had these pictures saved from before my adventures wearing a new spring dress from Emily and Fin. I think their collection for the new season might be my favorite yet, even the simple chambray dress with sailor collar looks so dreamy.  
beret, old coat, Emily & Fin dress, AndMary bee necklace, vintage purse (similar), old shoes

One of my favorite trends this spring is the resurgence of the basket bag. It's definitely a vintage throwback, although I'm seeing them in loads of high street stores. I was on the hunt for the perfect vintage basket bag for over a year--scouring Etsy for the perfect bag--when I found this one in mint condition while poking around antique malls with my family at Christmas. I didn't like the idea of a lightweight basket-weave with heavy winter clothes, so I stored it away for a few months and I'm so happy I have warm enough weather to use it now. It's basically better than I could have imagined a basket purse to be; I love the gold hardware and shape. I've already worn it with a few outfits this spring and I think you're going to be tired of seeing it by the end of summer!

beret, old coat, Emily & Fin dress, AndMary bee necklace, vintage purse (similar), old shoes



  1. I adore your dress. You paired it so well with the bag, such a wacky outfit!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. This yellow fling you're on is my absolute favorite!!! It's so perfect for spring!

  3. Saved posts always come in handy, especially in situations like this one. I hope you're able to get over your jet lag soon. Anyway, this dress is gorgeous and I'm in love with that basket purse. I just really love the shape of that bag and it's such a great piece for Spring and Summer.

    Sweet Helen Grace

  4. I love your hair like this in soft, slightly tousled waves!

    Also, something about the photos in this post immediately reminded me of the book/movie Brooklyn, which takes place partly in 1950's Ireland.

  5. Such a pretty Dress, I love the print

  6. I really love your dress. You have also paired it wonderfully with the shoes and basket (which also seem to blend with your hair) and the fabulous yellow coat. Spring like and lovely!

  7. Wow, that dress is gorgeous and looks even better with the addition of the yellow coat. Might have to pop over to the Emily and Fin website myself...

  8. What a beautiful outfit! I love the print of the dress combined with the bag <3

    Happy Weekend

  9. Loving the basket bag! And the yellow and blue together looks so pretty!


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