Sunny Disposition

I've been addicted to yellow this spring. After a season of grey skies I want some sunshine in my wardrobe. This dress by Alice's Pig bridges the seasonal gap quite nicely; it pairs with a cheery yellow cardigan but also suits black accessories--I can see it layered up in autumn as well with a cheeky coat and slouchy boots. For now it's a perfect breezy piece that has me craving summer weather and straw hats. Spring at least seems to be blooming all around and not just in garden centers! My Dad helped me take these pictures while I was visiting and it definitely took me back to the earlier years of the blog. I started by taking pictures of myself at my college campus, but when I went home for holidays I often got his help snapping a few pictures which always made the process a little faster and a little more ridiculous. Either I'd be laughing at something he said (or making a face) or he'd be laughing at some direction I'd give which would result in more weird faces from me in pictures...But it just goes to show if someone looks really smile-y or like they're laughing in blog pictures, it's not all fake laughs for the camera; the person behind the camera could very well be cracking jokes!
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