Picking Bluebells

This spring I've been on "bloom watch." Keeping my eyes peeled for the latest buds and blossoms since each phase of spring can be fleeting. A couple of years ago we tried to go to a park known for its bluebell forests, in the peak time recommended to view them and all the bluebells were gone. We could see the trails and sad little stems where the bluebells ought to have been, but none of the intense blue bell-shaped buds we were hoping for. So, this year I've been checking the woods quite regularly. Not the parks well-known for their bluebells or even the regular footpaths, but rather I'm of course into a bit of wild wood where I managed to catch them at nearly their peak. I picked a few as well to scatter in my backyard in hopes of growing a few there, since this is one wildflower that seems to thrive in the shade. It's the sort of quiet, wild area where one understands where the legends of fairies comes from and seems to call for timeless dressing; a simple wooden basket and classic linen dress. The latter came just in time (it arrived the day before we took these pictures!) in the form of a Son de Flor linen dress in grey dandelion--a soft, shadowy color that shifts between grey and blue based on the light. I've been admiring their timeless dresses on Pinterest for what seems like ages and their linen clothes feel as dreamy in person as they look in their elegant and natural photos. This is their short sleeve classic dress; aptly named since it will look as lovely in fifteen years as it does right now. It's a feminine dress that seems destined to be taken on adventures; pair it with your sturdiest oxfords and step out into that wild blue(bell) yonder...


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