Baguette About It

Thomas's good friend from France was visiting a couple of weeks ago and while it was a really nice visit, now that he's gone I can wear my new semi-embarrassing French slogan tees and sweater from Joanie. I mean, there's nothing really wrong with these tops, but it is a bit difficult to wear them with a cliche beret while having to look an actual French person in the face who knows full well you can't even pronounce the most basic French words properly! In my defense my studies of German and Japanese did not prepare me for the popularity of French words on clothes, but how can any bread lover not enjoy baguette pun tee? Of course, because I'm a shorty most of the pun is hidden in my skirt! Still cute though. This outfit also worked well with my Bonjour sweater, but it hasn't been cool enough to wear--which is something I almost never get to say since I moved to Ireland!
P.S. You can get 20% off this awesome circle bag by Bell&Fox with code "clotheshorse20" or use it on another lovely purse in their shop! The circle purse comes in a variety of colors and they also have a fox crossbody!


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