Champagne Blush

May is off to the loveliest start. From a windy and grey last week of April to this week of sunshine and warmer weather. It's the sort of days you want to spend as much time out as possible, chasing the sunset like you were still a kid and your only curfew was to be home by dark. A perfect look for twirling around in that glorious golden hour? A blush-toned beaded top by Gatsbylady and frothy tulle skirt so you can match that rosy, soft light and resemble some sort of fancy confection with sprinkles on top. We were going to try to take these pictures with some pink blossom, but then we walked by this spot and the light filtering through the new leaves was too pretty to pass by. It seems like a perfect little spot for a picnic or lazy afternoon reading outside. If the weather keeps up I'll have to plan to do that over the weekend...

Gatsbylady blouse, tulle skirt (old, similar), Modcloth fish bag, old heels (similar)

Gatsbylady blouse, tulle skirt (old, similar), Modcloth fish bag, old heels (similar)



  1. I love the way you coordinated your whole blush outfit. Your bag is the cutest!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Loving these colors! Love how you styled this outfit!

    Blog || Instagram

  3. This is so pretty and dreamy, I love your skirt

  4. All the blush is so pretty and I definitely have to agree that this picture sport was PERFECT with the lighting!

  5. This outfit is absolutely gorgeous, I think I'm definitely going to need that top.

  6. Love that purse!


  7. Blush is a colour I avoid like the plague but you look completely dreamy.


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