Spring Foraging

Spring air is so heavy with the scent of growing things. I suppose if you're allergic this season is havoc, but if you're not then there's so much to enjoy in every breeze. Right now the delicate scent of bluebells is being taken over by the heady tang of wild garlic and if I stroll it a little distance away then I can revel in sweet smell of the apple blossom. It's a very lush area we live in and while harvest season brings crates upon crates of apples and baskets of plum, there are plants to be foraged in spring as well. Last year I made wild garlic pesto, but this year I might try wild garlic bread rolls. Next I'd like to tackle elderflower cordial which Thomas's mother makes every summer. The elderflowers have already started blooming, so while you'd usually make elderflower recipes in June I think this year it might be smarter to pick them in May. Almost all of the blooms have been a month early this year; the bluebells came out early due to a cooler spring and even the wild garlic wouldn't normally look so lush for a few more weeks. I'm not complaining, but it does keep you on your toes if you're trying to forage. With wild garlic it is best to use younger, newer leaves and in a couple of weeks they will all be past their peak...

old flower crown, Chicwish dress, old sandals (similar)



  1. Adore this super cute post!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. I love the cut of the dress! It's not too loose and swamping, but it's really casual and comfortable-looking too!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Love the dress and the style of these photos! Have a lovely weekend:)

  4. I love your photos: outfits, settings and all!

    Wild garlic is so tasty, I also went foraging lately. I only wish it would be warm enough to be able to wear the same kind of dresses :)

  5. I swear your photography is amazing! I love that dress!


  6. You look so angelic! Love these photos!

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  7. this looks so fun, I love your dress

  8. This is what Heaven must look like.....oh dear me....!

  9. That white dress is Heavenly and amidst the wild garlic it is so dreamy!

  10. I would like to day that I am so incredibly jealous of the beauty of the nature you live near, also that you can go foraging. I would love to go out and collect things that I can use in my own cooking, there is just something about that that seems so whimsical to me. Unfortunately we don't have a particularly large amount of edible plants here in Australia and those that we do have a habit of looking almost identical to ones that are poisonous.

  11. That dress is lovely! Plus I love how it lets one see your back tattoo ^^.


  12. You look like a princess and a lady of spring. Look also


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