Find Me Where The Trees Are Blooming

A few weeks ago I said I wanted to work on my addiction to fast fashion (and fast food) and while I'm no where near kicking that bad habit completely to the curb, I am excited to be featuring a few more ethical/slow fashion brands and shops this spring. My skirt comes from a sweet Etsy shop, Girae Rigira, that makes handmade garments from vintage fabrics in Italy. She makes classic skirts (like mine), but also sweet little smock dresses, collared blouses, and finds some pretty adorable prints (stripes & cats?!). One of my complaints, or stumbling blocks, for slow fashion brands tends to be the that ethical or slow fashion also equals minimal chic; if you want to shop kinder you also have to cut down on creative flair. But this shop is full of color and pattern and reasonably priced pieces (teal suspender skirt with removable straps, anyone?) and is a good reminder that it's about finding the right shops and pieces that work for you. And a little mustard skirt will pretty much always work for me!



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