Easy Faux Fishtail Braids

faux braid pigtails-24
One of the hairstyles I always wanted to learn once my hair got longer/I learned how to do braids was fishtail braids. It always looked really cool and much more interesting than a classic three strand braid. When I finally learned it I realized that fishtail braids were not super difficult, but they were so slow! Maybe I'm just weak, but my arms always get so tired when I try to do a fishtail braid. However, I have since learned that there are many faux braid work-arounds that help me get the same look as classic braid styles, but in half the time. This is one of those faux braid looks.   easy faux fishtail braidsStep one: divide your hair into two even sections and tie off with elastics.
Step two: make an opening above your elastic and flip your hair up and through that opening. You're basically doing a "topsy-turvy" ponytail.
Step three: tie a second hair elastic a couple of inches below your first.
Step four: make an opening above the elastic and flip your hair up and through. Pull tight.
Step five: add another hair elastic and keep repeating until you get to the ends of your hair.
faux braid pigtails-31
It's just a series of ponytails so it's sooo much easier and faster than doing actual fishtail braids! But the process gives each loop a textured look similar to fishtail braids which I really like; I'm all about fun textures and volume with my hairstyles. You can pull this off with shorter hair as well--just look at this older post of me wearing this hairstyle.


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