A Harvest Pack

autumn path-13
I'm very excited to share something I've been quietly working on for the last couple of months: my own preset pack. It's called A Harvest Pack and as the name implies it's a fall filter pack; all the pictures are designed to work with fall photographs or to give your photographs an autumnal feel. For me editing is all about what I'm feeling in the moment so this pack really reflects my editing style right now--it's based on the scenes I'm seeing unfold around me in nature and the way I like my photographs to look this time of year. I even used one of my presets (Pumpkin Patch) to edit today's photographs. It's very exciting to start sharing presets I've made with a pack so on theme with my favorite season to photograph and edit for. Autumn is such a gorgeous season and these filters are designed to highlight so many of my favorite elements; there's the Bramley filter with green and red tones like those apples, the Birches preset inspired by the golden leaves of my favorite birch trees, even a Conker filter of light, brown tones like chestnuts. The presets are Lightroom desktop compatible and there are six in total each with a distinct vibe. If you look at my shop page you'll see several examples of the presets in action, all applied to completely unedited pictures. I'll also demonstrate the filters more in my IG stories and be answering questions you might have on the pack in my comments here and in my stories over the next few days. I worked very hard so that the presets are as close to "apply and done" as possible, but ultimately I would advise that you use any preset as a launching place. It's a good place to start your editing process, but a little bit of tweaking will make your photographs "sing" even more. If you'd like to purchase my presets, visit my shop here. If you do purchase A Harvest Pack please use #aharvestpack hashtag on your Instagram photos and I'll share them in my Instagram stories!
P.S. These filters are for Lightroom desktop and I will have mobile presets available soon too!armagh-1 autumn path-6-side
autumn path-38 autumn path-43 autumn path-27 autumn path-29 autumn path-9 autumn path-7 autumn path-26-side autumn path-31


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