Clouds of Baby's Breath

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We had the privilege of decorating a Christmas tree for our village in a local festival of trees. We went back and forth with ideas for ages before the festival before settling on a simple tree with white lights, a garland of baby's breath snaking down the tree (to mimic snow) and a few snowy pinecones to add some further texture to the tree. We loved the simplicity of it, but ended up buying far more baby's breath than was needed! It was hard to guess how much we would need and we didn't want to run out before the tree was finished so now we have a pretty cloud of baby's breath in our living room with all of the leftovers. It's a pretty cloud, so I decided to take it outside for a few pictures with this pretty maxi dress I just got from Christy Dawn. I love to wear this rusty color and it's perfect to highlight some of that late autumn warmth still lingering in the woods. Christy Dawn's dresses are really lovely, romantic pieces and I wouldn't mind a whole closet of them! They're also made with a focus on sustainability, ethically produced in Los Angeles using deadstock fabric. 
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  1. I love the colour of your dress! I've been obsessed with the same colour lately. ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Total synchronicity! I went hiking again today and found baby's breath in the woodland. I was carrying it around in my jean pocket. Then, I come on here and behold! More baby's breath :-) Love when that happens.


  3. Absolutely lovely! What a magnificent dress!

  4. Oh these photos are so perfect for the late days of autumn! And the tree sounds beautfiul! I hope you'll post photos of it somewhere for us to see. I love the idea of decorating a tree with baby's breath to imitate snow. What a brilliant idea!

  5. These photos are so stunning. That dress is beautiful!

    xx Chelsea

  6. That tree sounds gorgeous. Will we get to see any pictures? x

    1. I put loads of pics in my IG stories, but we didn't take any with our real camera :)


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