AClothesHorse x GoodAfterNine Jewelry Collaboration

yellow It's no secret that I've been a fan of GoodAfterNine's pretty enamel jewelry for years now. Their floral and animal themed pieces fit my style perfectly and add a touch of whimsy to every outfit. So you can imagine my excitement when I started to design this collection with them last autumn. One saying I came to for inspiration is the sly, "foxes are wolves that bring flowers." While I don't see myself as a wolf in fox clothing, I love the image of a clever fox holding out a bouquet of flowers--and this collection delivers both. There's the charming petite fox with gold-tipped paws and tail, alongside cheerful yellow blossoms, and a delicate orange-tip butterfly that all repeat across a variety of pieces. The whole collection is made up of a hair clip (my favorite piece!), charm bracelet, stacking rings, ear climbers, and simple pendant necklace on a long chain. I love the versatility of these pieces that combine my favorite things (foxes and flowers); the fox necklace is small and sweet, easily wearable every day and the stacking rings can be paired up for a statement or worn singly for a more simple look. I especially like how nice the orange tip ring looks singly, like a little vine wrapped around your finger and an ephemeral butterfly that just briefly landed there. GoodAfterNine really hit it out of the park with the details on these as well; all of GoodAfterNine's pieces are handcrafted and painted to incredible detail. With the charms and necklace too all the little figures are perfect from every angle, there's no fear of things looking "backwards" or looking wrong at certain angles. Instead the little figures have all the personality and life of the real thing in miniature form--the fox looks ready to prance off into the woods...I hope you love this collection as much as I enjoyed helping design it and hopefully the whimsical pieces can help bring a bit of whimsy into your life. gfn-14 yellow-2 yellow-4
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  1. Congratulations on this collection! It's so so pretty ❤️🌞

  2. Rebecca these pieces are all so so perfect and so YOU! I've loved all of GoodAfterNine's jewelry ever since I saw it on you the first time, so it makes so much sense for this collaboration to have happened! I can't imagine a better collab than this. <3 Each item is just beautiful. Congratulations!

  3. Utterly charming! Beautiful ideas that work so well with their work! Congrats!

  4. Stunning! Absolutely love the designs and the fox quote that inspires them <3

  5. These pieces are all so beautiful! I love them all, good after nine always have such beautiful jewellery as well so this collaboration is very exciting! I will definitely be looking into getting one of your pieces


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