An Unexpected Break

I had plans to share more posts this week and was so excited to explore some new areas and take pretty and festive pictures. Whenever I talk about slowing down and choosing less I almost never mean less photographs because I love taking photographs. It's probably an addiction for me at this point since I've been taking photographs almost every day since 2007. But my trusty camera broke over the weekend and since I only own one non-vintage working camera my creative pursuits have been on hold. It's annoying and frustrating and I hate having to buy a new one, partly because it is expensive and partly because I'm not looking forward to getting familiar with a new camera. A huge part of taking quality pictures is being comfortable with your camera; knowing the settings to go manual and being able to make quick adjustments mid-shoot. But it's also good to be forced to take a break now and then. Writing three to four posts a week does sometimes seem like an impossible race to maintain and still stay inspired. Anyway, due to my unexpected camera expense I've discounted all of my preset packs in my shop; they're usually £30 down to £20 (which is approximately $26USD) per pack. So now would be a great time to check out the shop and snag some presets if you've been thinking about buying one before. I'm still editing with my Harvest Pack--today's pictures were edited with Hygge--but I'm looking forward to switching to my Festive Pack once things get a bit more wintry in my region. I'm also using my downtime to work on a new preset pack that I started developing back in August but I'm still not completely happy with yet!


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