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Here's a few exclusive posts you're missing out on if you're not a patron: First up I have a collection of blush and pink wallpapers available for May. I think it's my dreamiest collection of wallpapers so far--all apple orchards, petal linen, cherry blossom, and rhododendrons. I release a collection of wallpapers every month on Patreon around different themes and if you become a patron now you'll be able to access May's wallpapers as well as all previous months too! I get asked all the time lately for wallpapers and you can access all of these at the lowest patron tier for less than the cost of a coffee.
pars-26 I also shared a semi-embarrassing story about one of my rookie foraging errors when I was first learning which plants were edible and which were...hemlock. It's a story to laugh about now because no one was poisoned, but I also share in the post a few tips for safe foraging so we can continue to stay safe while learning about nature and edible plants. Along with exclusive posts like this I also share behind-the-scene stories and outtakes from my regular shoots and dig into my shooting process.
collage Last month I wrote several posts on various fairy artists and this month I'm talking about forgotten early color chromatic photographs and starting a series of inspiration posts as voted by my patrons! Based on the poll results this month we'll be discussing the Pre-Raphaelites and I'm very excited as it one of my favorite movements in art history and a big inspiration to me. I started the series off with a brief intro into who the Pre-Raphaelites were and why I'm such a fan of this art style.
smock-2 Want to access more than 50 exclusive posts, vote on future posts, and get early previews of videos and a huge archive of wallpaper images? Sign up and become a patron today! Every patron helps me continue to create art and share posts; I also try to invest my Patreon earnings into supporting local businesses and working with independent companies without a marketing budget. I love where I live but living in this village has meant quite a bit of sacrifice both personally and professionally. Moving away from the US meant losing almost all the brands I had worked with previously. Five years in I'm still awkwardly placed for brands and agencies, so my patrons are really the only reason I can keep posting right now. Please consider supporting my work for as little as $2.


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