Two Spring Styles with VIVAIA shoes

viva-10Ballet flats are a staple for me every spring and summer--I usually even try to keep wearing them into autumn although my feet get pretty cold! Finding a good flat can be tricky, especially ethical ones, which is why I was so excited to learn about VIVAIA. Their flats are classic and simple and come in a wide variety of colors, but the coolest thing about VIVAIA is that the shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles! Each pair of shoes recycles six plastic water bottles! Shoes are soft and breathable making them very comfortable to wear and they're machine washable as well. The style I chose, the Bella flats in smoke grey, come with ribbons that can be tied in a variety of ways or styled without the ribbons. These were so comfortable to wear I'm very tempted by the Bella style in beige as well and the Margot flat in cream--and since they're machine washable I wouldn't have to worry too much about those paler colors getting too dirty. As someone who is trying to build a more ethical wardrobe it's really lovely to find VIVAIA and start to focus on more sustainable footwear as well. If you'd like to try some for yourself use my code "ACH" for 10% off your order (and the packaging is recycled too!). viva-11 viva-15

VIVAIA Bella flats in smoke grey(use code "ACH for 10% off)
viva-6-side viva-12 viva-13One of my favorite colors to wear in the spring is pink. Pink always feels like a happy, optimistic color. I never wore pink much when I was younger for various reasons, but as I get older and dress more seasonally it's a color I crave in springtime--a perfect echo of the cherry blossoms that have begun to bloom near us. They look lovely now, but in a few more days they'll be even prettier as every bud comes to bloom and petals start to fall. At its peak the ground here looks like its covered in pastel confetti. Last year Solomon went rolling around in the grass and came home covered in pink petals! viva-16-side viva-2 Another spring outfit I wore recently with my VIVAIA flats is dragonfly dress and mushroom basket purse. I still love my long dresses, but similarly to how I like to change the colors I wear by the season I also feel a bit more drawn to shorter dresses in spring. It feels very freeing to not have loads of layers on your legs even if most days it's not quite warm enough to go completely without a jacket or anything! I dress a bit more optimistically than realistically when spring beckons and usually end up with goosebumps whenever the sun passes behind a cloud for my efforts! It's just hard to realize what temperature it is outside when so much of the countryside has turned green and sprouted flowers and there's blue skies above.  vivaia-7 vivaia-16 vivaia-9-side vivaia-5 vivaia-14These are damson trees in blossom. I usually come to this area in late autumn to forage a few damson plums (they're Thomas's favorite) but I never bothered visiting it in spring before! They're really lovely trees when they are in bloom and it's wild to think that many of these flowers will become tiny, dark purple plums in several months.  vivaia-side vivaia-15
VIVAIA Bella flats in smoke grey(use code "ACH for 10% off)


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