Outfit: Blue Suede Shoes

My booties (which I first wore with an even earlier fall outfit at the beach) are by a lovely company called Sseko Designs. Sseko works with local artisans in Uganda to handmake footwear and accessories that help provide employment and scholarship opportunities. It's a good brand to look into if you prefer to shop with purpose. My boots feel really well-made and the purchase of them helps support the education of a woman in Uganda.
I love the sort of soft blueish grey of these booties, but was unsure at first how many outfits I could find that "go" with them. But since I've had them I've found loads of great color combinations; they suit my more navy based outfits perfectly, but even more contrasting colors like these orange-y jeans look nice with them. It just goes to show that a lot of styling (in my opinion) happens when you play with the pieces in person; in my head I think one thing will work and another won't, but when I actually start to look at the pieces right in front of me all sorts of different combinations become possible. The booties are really the only new thing I'm wearing; the jeans are entering their third fall (I first wore them when I had blue hair!) and my sweater is from last year. In the fall I especially love comfortable pieces that I know I will wear again and again--on dreary days I tend to reach for what's familiar and cozy in my closet rather than seeking new pieces or style experiments.

details: feather barrette, old sweater, old jeans, Sseko booties, Brit Stitch purse
*all pictures by me*



  1. This is such an amazing autumn outfit! I love your jeans, boots and sweater and it makes a perfect contrast with your hair, this is just amazing. I also like to wear familiar clothes rather than experiment, but not only in the autumn :D. xxx

  2. This set of pictures is so fall and so beautiful. I love the picture of your sitting on the ground with the leaf, it is so playful and happy :)

  3. I feel in love with those shoes from your first post, but I love the outfit you paired then with here! This post really inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try more color combinations in my own outfits.

  4. I love the grey booties with those orange hues! I feel like it make the outfit a little more down to earth. Cute bag too!

  5. Cool booties! And s always amazing photos! :)

    Dare 2 Wear

  6. I feel exactly the same way. Every time I get something new my bedroom becomes a war zone as I'm getting overly excited pulling everything out that could possibly go with the new item.


  7. I don't visit your blog very often so I missed them the first time they were posted but I wanted to thank you for sharing the information about the booties! They look great and I love that the company has such a positive mission.

  8. I need your help! I have the same sweater I found at a vintage shop but it's very stiff and crunchy feeling. How did you get yours to soften up? (or did it ever?) I appreciate your tips. :)

  9. This company sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing it! I love any kind of company that gives back and shopping ethically is so rewarding...and those shoes are so divine! I will definitely be checking them out! The go great with this outfit...which looks so cozy! I am loving the fall vibes in this post! Thanks for sharing!

  10. @tyranosarahrex, my sweater isn't vintage so it wasn't ever stiff. It sort of sounds like yours might be wool that got wet and hardened; I'm sure there are things you can do to make it soften up again but I'd ask some more vintage-saavy bloggers or even sellers.


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