Outfit: For The Love Of Minis

Remember this dress from early fall? It was a midi dress then and I was debating keeping or losing the length...Well the grey, windy days of winter got to me and I impulsively took a pair of scissors to the hem and now it's a mini! I actually quite like the length, although being more precise and cautious would have meant leaving a nice straight line and a little extra length so I could properly hem it. But oh well, even with an unfinished hem look I think I'll get loads more wear out of this dress now that it's shorter. I like maxi dresses and I like mini dresses, but midis are pretty annoying at my height. I don't think they look good unless I have bare legs and heels; with tights they feel matronly and with flats they make me look my height! But minis I love in every season and with every type of footwear.

details: Fairytale collar, Yumi dress (shortened), Shop Ruche cardigan (sold out, similar), brogues, Brontibay Paris purse
*pictures by Thomas*



  1. love this so freaking much. the inspiration im getting is through the roof. i love your style!

    xx, rn

  2. It's so pretty in this length too! I have to admit that I feel quite the same toward midi dresses. I like how classy this lenght looks but since I'm quite short, I'm not sure it suits my size.
    If you want to hem your dress without sortening it too much, try to use bias tape! (see this post on how to sew it : http://sewoverit.co.uk/ultimate-shift-dress-binding-armholes-with-bias-binding/)

  3. This is so dreamy - and now I'm eyeing my scissors...


  4. Your dress is so dreamy!

  5. Wow! This colorful beautiful dress was made for you.
    I love your blog. I hope you will like mine
    many kisses

  6. I've just found your blog and iI love it! :) I'm 5" tall, so hello fellow small person haha! Who do you get to take photos of your outfits? They're so well taken. Anyway I hope you've had a lovely birthday.

    Zanna x

  7. @Zanna, my husband takes some of my photographs and I take the others. You'll see him credited at the end of some posts as "Thomas" otherwise I say pictures by myself. We're both quite into photography; everything is taken with my camera and edited by me. I have tips for self-portrait photography & photography in general on my FAQ page if you're interested in photography. :)


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