Outfit: For The Love Of Minis

Remember this dress from early fall? It was a midi dress then and I was debating keeping or losing the length...Well the grey, windy days of winter got to me and I impulsively took a pair of scissors to the hem and now it's a mini! I actually quite like the length, although being more precise and cautious would have meant leaving a nice straight line and a little extra length so I could properly hem it. But oh well, even with an unfinished hem look I think I'll get loads more wear out of this dress now that it's shorter. I like maxi dresses and I like mini dresses, but midis are pretty annoying at my height. I don't think they look good unless I have bare legs and heels; with tights they feel matronly and with flats they make me look my height! But minis I love in every season and with every type of footwear.

details: Fairytale collar, Yumi dress (shortened), Shop Ruche cardigan (sold out, similar), brogues, Brontibay Paris purse
*pictures by Thomas*


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