Outfit: I Heart You

My new 'do' has definitely inspired a new direction for our photography. In a lot of ways I think I should have waited until spring or summer to try out the blue hair because there's a lack of color in my world right now and a bright mop-top doesn't match! But the challenge of finding places to photograph where my hair "works" is just that--a fun challenge. We've passed this lego-looking building many a time, but finally stopped by it and found it a perfect setting for a fun graphic outfit.
I'm still feeling the love theme this week, but I like how the hearts are more subtle in today's outfit. Rendered in simple black and white and half hidden (a heart on the side seam of my skirt and a row of tiny hearts up the back of my legs), they're a more quiet nod and wink to the upcoming Valentine's Day. The heart tights are one of my favorite winter pairs--I wore them last February as well. They're cute and fun, but the denier (thickness) of the tights is also really high making them totally opaque and warmer than your average tights. Paying attention and going for higher deniers is one of my top tips for surviving winter in tights. These would make a perfect V-day gift (or snag an e-Giftcard for a last minute present if like myself you haven't planned anything yet!).

*pictures by Thomas*


Olivia DiTomaso said...

I love the tights.



Katey said...

Love this look :)

Ashley said...

These pictures are fantastic!!! The colors pop and it just looks so fun! Love the blue hair.

Linda Tran said...

Absolutely beautiful!


Lauren Lalicon said...

What is this building? It looks like so much fun! Most of your outfit pic are usually in nature, so this is a cute change :)

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Laura Mitbrodt said...

ah man! Your cat top is so dang cute!

Melania Fernández said...

So, so pretty! Love your bag :D

xoxo ❤
Melania | modeintechnicolor.blogspot.com

Vio18 Ver97 said...

Gorgeous everything on these pictures :)

Helen Veyna said...

Your new hair is amazing and I'm glad that it is inspiring you to shoot in new locations! I'm loving this outfit, by the way!

Sweet Helen Grace

Chelsea Finn said...

I'm LOVING all the color! Plus the bright hair makes for a fun switch in the winter!!

xx Chelsea

Malu Swartjes said...

stunning outfit sweetheart :)
xx Malu
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Christina said...

What a fun shoot! I absolutely love your top and am sad to see it is old! I have a black cat and would have loved something like that. The cat eye sweater you linked to is cute and creepy! Love those tights as well, perfect subtle addition to a Valentine's day outfit!

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Chelsea said...

Love this look - may I ask where the bag is from?


Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

@Chelsea it was from Choies.com but it's several years old at this point. It's a knock-off Olympia le-tan ;)

Anna said...

Love this outfit and your blue hair!!! Did you do it yourself or get it professionally done? If you did it yourself I'd love to know the color you used.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

@Anna, I went to my local hair salon for the blue. I'll hopefully do a whole post on it one day soon. :)

Mlle Coconath said...

Love your outfit! Too cute!
Mademoiselle Coconath