Outfit: The Sitting Room at Helen's Tower

Last week I shared the Poetry Room in Helen's Tower where we spent a relaxing weekend unplugged enjoying open fires and the views from the upper floors.
One floor below the Poetry Room is the room featured in today's post; an ornate sitting room where we spent most of our time. It's beautifully decorated with vintage wallpaper and an ornate hand-painted ceiling, but the decorativeness of the room is perfectly balanced with a cozy couch you can feel yourself disappearing into and friendly open fireplace. While it initially wows you when you walk through the door, you're quickly set at ease by the soft light filtering in through the windows and stillness of the tower. This isn't too fine for you, the room seems to whisper, you're the lord and lady of the tower for the weekend. We enjoyed our meals here at the small table and spent many hours shifting from one perch to another with books in hand. While it was daylight it was nice to sit in the window and allow the shifting branches outside to distract you from your novel; at night I was usually curled up beside the fire one eye open for errant sparks. It was the perfect weekend to visit the tower--the cold temperatures and wind provided the perfect excuse to snuggle up and stay indoors. I anticipated such a weekend and packed this cozy sweater dress which suited our quiet days perfectly.

This is what the tower looks like from the woods outside. The lit up room is the fourth floor poetry room which I featured in this earlier post.
*indoor pictures by me, outdoor picture of the tower by Thomas*



  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Goregous photos, such a romantic setting! Just wondering how far advance you had to book the Tower and did you book through Air BnB or The Irish Landmank Trust? Thanks! :)

  2. @Maria Ramona, We booked through Irish Landmark Trust and Helen's Tower usually has a lot of availability, so for this trip we only booked about a week and a half in advance. But we booked for what was available, rather than a specific date we had in mind--you can look at what dates they have free on the Irish Landmark Trust site.

  3. Reminds me so much of a Romeo and Juliet setting! Gorgeous. x


  4. Such a gorgeous setting, and photos to match!

    Katie | Katie Like Me

  5. You find the most amazing places to take pictures!! I'd love to see your top places to take photos in ireland! lovely dress!!

  6. What an amazing place to take photos!! I love the wallpaper

  7. That dress is so very sweet, and I love the way you did your hair! That blonde looks so pretty!

  8. That dress is so very sweet, and I love the way you did your hair! That blonde looks so pretty!

  9. Dear Rebecca, how lovely to enjoy every single pic of your post.
    You are adorable, and above all true and kind (I know).
    So glad you have started to reply comments.

  10. Oh wow how beautiful! I'm loving your hair and dress in this too. And that last picture is stunning <3

    The Quirky Queer

  11. This has to be one of my favourite outfits of yours. It works really well with the blonde hair and especially the setting! Now I'm off to go find a dress like that haha

  12. Love the outfit, the top is really nice! looking super pretty! such a cute top :)

  13. What glorious and romantic photos - you look so at home! Kx

  14. Such a gorgeous setting, I'm speechless! <3

  15. You have captured this place beautifully! :)

  16. This place looks amazing, I really want to visit there. Plus, your outfit looks fabulous, as always.


  17. Darling dress! Its so lovely to have something thats pretty and still warm.
    Also - what amazing wallpaper!


  18. These pictures are stunning! I'm a sucker for old buildings anyway, but the composition, lighting, everything is so lovely! I was wondering how you developed your photo editing style--was it a lot of experimentation, or were there some tutorials that you learned a lot from? (I'm guessing it's probably a combination.)

  19. @Devninne S., thanks! I actually haven't followed/read many tutorials, it's really been experimentation for me. I also feel I've learned the most when I've collaborated with other photographers and seen how they work and learned from that. I don't think editing is my strongest area though, if I'm honest! It's one I'm still working on, instead I try to get things as perfect as I can in camera by going manual.


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