Outfit: Pandora's Box

It's quite fitting to be wearing a beaded 1920s inspired dress with my new bob haircut quite in the style of Louise Brooks, although I'm still nowhere close to looking like an authentic flapper girl!
Now that I have shorter hair I should channel that era for a truly authentic look one of these, but for most days my style is a blend of eras and refrences I'm inspired by. It's funny how much you learn when you're curious. I studied business at university; I took courses on economics and a few on business law, but today I know a lot more about fashion and vintage styles (and designers and photographers that are mostly forgotten today!) than I do about economics. I was never very curious about economics, but I was curious about Louise Brooks and Nina Leen and Madame Gres. So, I never took a class on fashion but I studied it in my own way and applied the lessons in my personal style. I really like how curiosity can lead you down new and interesting paths if you allow it to...

*pictures by Thomas*


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