An Autumn Moodboard & Shopping List

Autumn used to be another season; an end of summer, perhaps the return to school or routine, but not something I spent overly long looking forward to or anticipating. That has changed in the last few years. Now I start thinking about autumn months in advance; I build wishlists with Halloween themes and wonder how soon I can start packing away my summer dresses (that didn't get enough wear in the brisk Irish summer anyway). I check the trees routinely for signs of color change; start stalking the local pumpkin patch and make hearty soups. I mean, it starts feeling like fall in August in these parts; even if most of the leaves don't change until October, you wouldn't be amiss in August in boots and a cozy sweater! Now that we're fully into the autumn swing (on all calendars) I'm even more excited. This year I feel more vintage inspired than ever--I've been hunting through antique malls and Etsy for vintage treasures and pulling old favorites out of the attic. I've narrowed down my shopping list for autumn to 7 main categories: fox themed clothes (always!), tights, tweed jackets, masculine shoes, berets, and vintage dresses and skirts--especially Pendleton pieces. Every year I feel myself drawn to more classic designs which is probably why I have the current taste for tweed and vintage pieces. Brogues and loafers are always the perfect counter-balance to the more feminine 50s dresses I favor (and so good for crunching through dead leaves), while tights in various styles are not so much a cupidity as necessity. I've already acquired a few pieces from my autumn shopping list and am sharing some of my favorites in this post as well. Vintage pieces are harder to give recommendations for since there is usually only one available in a shop, but I might dedicate a post to shopping and caring for vintage later if anyone is interested in more on that topic.

Vintage dresses and skirts 
1950s day dresses, plaid, and classic Pendleton pieces Fox themed pieces
Masculine shoes
P.S. I've included a few pieces from Shopbop because they're having a sale starting today, so you can snag a few pieces off your autumn list there for a steal.



  1. I find that when it comes to autumn, I suddenly start feeling all the vintage items too!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Yesss to everything. It's still wavering between summer and fall here, and I am SO anxious to bring on the vintage, the tweed, the crunching through the leaves, and everything in orange and brown tones!

  3. This is giving me all the autumn feels. It is 89 degrees in Maine today and I am craving cooler weather.

  4. This has given me so many cosy autumnal inspiration and excitement!

  5. This all perfect for fall so cozy

  6. I've just come here for the first time, drawn in by some pictures of your looks on Pinterest, and you seem to be exactly my kind of autumn girl so I'll definitely stick around for a bit.

    I don't own anything fox but now that I read this, I began to wonder why the heck not :D I love foxes almost as much as cats (which is probably just because I've had zero experience with them while cats have been in my life for years), they look super autumny, which is also definitely my favorite season, and they go really well with red hair. So I guess I need to update my Christmas wishlist now...

    I definitely need some shoes, I only have some sneekers and my old pair of "wintery" (as in more mud-proof) shoes is falling apart. I love pretty much all yours :) I just can't wear heels and for some reason whenever I go shoe shopping, I can't find anything even remotely as nice as what I always see on damn Pinterest and internet generally. I can't buy it online, though, I really need to try my shoes on. Well I hope I'll get lucky soon.


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