Remix: Faux Leather Jacket

Since I talked about how blogging affects your personal style earlier this week and mentioned how blogging can create a "more is more" mentality driving people towards buying more than what they need, it is fitting that today I post what I personally try to do to balance the more is more mentality: remixes. When I first started fashion blogging one of the places I would upload my photographs to (the place nearly every fashion blogger under the sun uploaded their pictures to) was wardrobe_remix on Flickr. Everyone in the group shared their daily outfits and when an item was featured in another outfit it was called "remixed" indicating you could find the piece in another picture and that this was a fresh spin on that piece. The point wasn't how to buy a new piece and style is perfectly, but to keep wearing the same old pieces a different way every time you wore them. I still feel inspired by this mentality--pieces that last but also wearing and re-wearing your clothes in new combinations.
Today's remix features my favorite faux leather jacket. I almost didn't buy it because I had an older faux leather jacket that was ok. It was a good jacket but it didn't fit my petite frame that well. I kept seeing this jacket on other petite bloggers and thinking how perfect the cropped shape worked on them, but holding back my pennies since it seemed pointless to have two faux leather jackets. Still I obviously eventually bit the bullet and I'm so glad I did! This one is perfect (here are some more if you're searching for your own perfect leather/faux leather jacket)! I wear it so much more than I ever wore my other one that I had for years because I feel so much better in it. I plan on wearing this thing until it falls apart on me. And I've been customizing it with vintage brooches to make it feel even more personal.

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